A forward-thinking approach for a better you.

As an integral part of our commitment to state-of-the-art care, you’ll find some of today’s most progressive programs and technologies intuitively integrated into every level of living at each of The Ridge communities.

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Each Ridge community offers monthly support groups for caregivers and loved ones to discuss dementia and Alzheimer’s in a safe and educational environment. Every meeting is facilitated by an experienced staff member at the community. These meetings offer the opportunity to share personal insight, hear helpful advice and gain encouragement from others who face the same challenges Alzheimer’s and other diseases bring.


A national initiative giving those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia personalized music playlists on iPods or other digital devices, created with input from residents themselves with family and friends. These musical favorites tap deep memories and bring smiles to faces, enabling folks to feel like themselves again, socialize and stay present.

Minding Motion for Graceful Aging

An artistically driven and individualized program designed to bring physical, emotional and cognitive invigoration to older adults through an array of movement. Each class offers a purely positive combination of social engagement, creative expression and unlocked human potential.

Teepa Snow Positive Approach®

A memory care philosophy developed to build smart, compassionate responses to the challenging realities of brain change. Team members at each community are trained in Teepa’s personalized strategies and techniques to encourage more positive outcomes within the therapeutic environment.

Sagely & LifeLoop

The Sagely Family App and LifeLoop are beautifully simple systems that allow team members to easily relay the latest community happenings to residents and families to stay seamlessly connected to their loved ones through real-time updates and photos.


Our life enrichment and wellness initiative encourages residents and team members to engage. To interest, involve, inspire and interact, with a promise of moving forward together. This philosophy is intentionally built on four cornerstones of healthy aging — social, intellectual, inspirational and physical — and honors individuality by celebrating each person’s unique story and interests. Fully recognizing that no matter where we are on life’s journey, we all have the passion to keep growing, contributing and learning.