The Ridge Testimonials

“My family has peace of mind knowing I’m being given the best possible personalized care. Even during the pandemic, the community has been very creative in ensuring we remain connected with our families. They’ve set up window and courtyard visits and Zoom parties. I feel safe and secure and am always treated with dignity and respect.”

Mark Scholes, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“The staff takes care of us like we’re members of their own family. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for each of us during this time. The Ridge Foothill has made us feel safe and comfortable. So many of my concerns have been alleviated. I’m so spoiled here, and I love it.”

Joan Poston, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“Just the other day, my daughter and granddaughter came to visit me. It’s nice to visit with my family again. They surprised me with my 9-month-old great-grandson. We took a picture of the four generations, and Bobby, our executive director, surprised me by getting it framed for me. That picture is sitting in my apartment where I can see it at all times.”

Helen Stringham, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

"Mom’s recovery at The Ridge is remarkable! Everyone on Mom’s team (aides, med-techs, lobby and dining room personnel, administrative personnel) has been uber attentive, thoughtful and caring. My personal encounters with Ridge personnel have been overwhelmingly supportive, friendly and helpful."

Alexa Baxter, Daughter of Alice Smith, Short-Stay Rehabilitation Resident at The Ridge Foothill

“The Ridge has worked out beautifully for me. I’ve always been a very social person – I’ve always had a lot of friends and done a lot of networking. But I could see myself doing that less if I were living on my own. There’s so much here to keep you busy, and I like that. There’s nothing that you don’t have here. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Barbara Jones, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“Every time I walk in, I’m so amazed by the feeling, the smells, the sights. The staff is wonderful. The food is delicious. I’ve been thrilled with all the things they have going on at The Ridge. There’s so much for my mother to do, and I know that she’s intellectually stimulated, which is very important to us because she’s very bright. It’s just a wonderful place for her.”

Kathryn Crawford, Daughter of Marilyn Crawford, Resident of the Ridge Foothill

“I think the best thing for people of all ages is to have people to talk to and share experiences with. That’s what drew us here. It was the camaraderie with other people our age who also wanted to continue living an active life. They keep us busy, keep our minds sharp and keep our bodies physically fit.”

Alan Kepa, Resident of the Ridge Foothill

“When I was looking for a place to live, I found that The Ridge’s brand-new environment was far more attractive than any other community in the area. After living here for almost a year, I can confidently say that the staff and the care are even better. I also find that the food and activities surpass the excellence of the building’s design.”

Lloyd Redd, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“I wouldn’t have received this kind of treatment any other place. My family is so thankful for the help I get here at The Ridge Foothill. They tell me all the time, ‘Mom, you’ve got it so good there.”

Mickie Price, Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“The people of The Ridge Foothill welcomed me in a way I never expected! For a month, while recuperating from surgery – I dined with them, chatted with them, exercised with them, heard their stories, and shared mine with them. My short stay became a luxurious retreat in a lovely setting. I enjoyed the recreation that I needed to heal my body and soul. I am grateful to the staff and the community of residents who befriended me. The wealth of their individual knowledge never ceased to amaze me.”

Shahpar Ghodsi, Short-Stay Rehabilitation Resident of The Ridge Foothill

“Living at The Ridge Cottonwood has been simply wonderful. It would seem shallow to say ‘it’s just perfect,’ but I truly can’t think of anything I would change.”

Mary Oniki, Resident of The Ridge Cottonwood

“The Ridge has been a lifesaver, for both of us. Living here has kept my mother extremely active. In fact, when we pick her up for lunch, she always pulls out her daily calendar to make sure we get her back in time so she doesn’t miss anything.”

René Crawford, Daughter of Mary Oniki, Resident of The Ridge Cottonwood

“This community is really family-oriented. When I was looking for a job, I was looking for a feeling, not a position. And this community has that feeling. It feels like family, and whether you’re living here or working here, it’s where you want to be.”

Shelley Tucker, Lifestyle Director at The Ridge Cottonwood

“I’m a great doer no matter where I am, but this place has really helped me prepare for my future and know that I’m not alone.”

Virginia Black, Resident of The Ridge Cottonwood