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How Living at The Ridge Broadens Your Social Life and Builds Close, Long-lasting Relationships

There are so many positive effects of staying social as we age. So  how do senior living communities like The Ridge Senior Living play a significant and beneficial role in helping older adults stay more socially connected? Especially if an older adult isn’t used to living in a larger community setting?

Well, for one thing, a community’s size doesn’t mean you lose the opportunity to connect with others. Actually, a larger community often means more possibilities, programs and social events — and more residents with whom to share common interests.

Senior women posing while on a hike

Each of The Ridge communities purposefully creates novel ways for new and longtime residents to get to know each other. Our communities also help all residents maintain meaningful and lasting relationships with their family members, and with longtime friends who may not live in the community.

Here are 10 ways The Ridge Senior Living communities greatly enhance residents’ social connectivity and engagement. 

Seniors eating lunch and toasting

  1. The Ridge’s many dining venues provide opportunities for good food and great company. Multiple dining venues at all three of The Ridge Senior Living communities offer fast-casual, casual and fine-dining experiences. Hospitable and attentive servers know your meal and dietary preferences — they even know how you prefer your coffee. What better way to get to know someone than over a relaxing meal, served just as you like it?
  2. You’ll easily find people who share your passion. Love Westerns? You’ll find good company at our Wednesday Western movie night at The Ridge Cottonwood.  Are you the best at playing Mexican Train Dominoes? Test your mettle against the best in town. Ready to dive into your artistic side? Sip and paint, crochet or even join our beginner’s sculpture class. Ready to make your singing debut and make new friends? You can join a chorus with your neighbors or challenge a new friend to cocktails and karaoke. The point is, no matter what your interests, chances are great you’ll meet other residents who share them — and would love to enjoy them together!
  3. All three of our communities’ locations mean you can enjoy both regular hikes and new hiking buddies. For example, many independent living residents at The Ridge Pinehurst regularly walk and hike the countless trails in the Denver area. The Ridge Cottonwood in Holladay, Utah, attracts residents of all abilities to picnic and walk up in the nearby mountains.
  4. The Ridge’s emphasis on wellness makes exercise more enjoyable with friends. Many older adults choose one of The Ridge’s Senior Living communities because of the focus The Ridge places on overall wellness. Which means it’s not difficult to meet fellow residents who share an interest in staying active. Heart-healthy exercises, tai chi, aqua fitness in the indoor pool, senior weights sessions and classes in the state-of-the-art fitness center are just a small fraction of the wellness opportunities each community offers. 
  5. Having a dog is an ideal way to meet people — and all three of our communities are pet-friendly. The Ridge Pinehurst even has a dog park! So many dog owners find it easy to talk about their pets, and quickly discover that they’re bonding over things like the best chew toys or the cutest dog sweater. That can comfortably lead to dog play dates and plans together to hike a trail that’s popular with other dog owners.
  6. Our monthly calendars are always full, making events great places to mix and mingle. From movie nights, live music and happy hours to day trips to museums and shopping excursions, there are multiple planned social events every day of the month. Both couples and single residents find ample new opportunities to meet new people every day, simply because they live in a senior living community with neighbors who have similar backgrounds and life experiences.

One remarkable feature of independent living at The Ridge Pinehurst, for example, is the number of fun activities that are always popping up on its monthly calendar. The Chef Showdown is a friendly competition between the house chef and a guest chef, with residents choosing the winner. There are also scheduled meetups at the on-campus dog park, an in-house farmers market, organized hiking outings up in the mountains, paint-and-sip classes and more.

Senior couple playing with grandkids

  1. Shared hobbies mean shared interests, so join a club or — four. Bridge groups, book clubs, regular hiking and walking groups, coffee clubs, art groups and other resident clubs mean it’s easy to meet others who share the same interests. Having something immediately in common can be an easy way to break the ice and strike up a new friendship.
  2. Invite your family and friends to visit any time you like. Family members and friends are always welcome in our communities. Many residents have regular lunch or dinner dates with friends or their adult children, and reserve our private dining rooms for family holiday dinners. Many residents have frequent visits from their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well.
  3. Unique community events make it easy to get to know neighbors. One remarkable feature of independent living at The Ridge Pinehurst is the number of fun activities that are always popping up. The Chef Showdown is a friendly competition between the house chef and a guest chef, with residents choosing the winner. There are also meetups at the on-campus dog park, an in-house farmers market,  hiking and group picnics up in the mountains, paint-and-sip classes and more.
  4. Explore or deepen a sense of spirituality with others. The Ridge communities encourage residents who so choose to practice their faith — because spiritual wellness is one of the elements The Ridge focuses on. The Ridge Senior Living offers on-site religious services, and transportation to off-site places of worship nearby so residents can benefit from the support of others who share their belief systems. The Ridge also provides opportunities for spiritual exploration through group Bible studies, yoga and meditation that promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

Discover what Andy Parks already knows about The Ridge

One beneficial piece of advice senior living residents like to share is, don’t wait to make your move.

“Do it now, while you can really enjoy it,” says Andy Parks, resident of The Ridge. “The older we get, we still need that social part of our lives.” 

Take it from Andy and get in touch with The Ridge today. Our knowledgeable senior living counselors are here to help you decide what level of living is right for you. Get started by scheduling a tour of one of The Ridge’s three senior living communities!