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Kathy & Marilyn Video | The Ridge Senior Living

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Kathy & Marilyn Video – The Ridge Foothill

Peace of Mind and Proximity at The Ridge

Hear Kathy and her mother Marilyn talk about the fantastic perks and positive personal impact of assisted living at The Ridge Foothill.

Kathy: My mom is really with it, can take care of herself and is on very little medication if anything. She’s very fit and is just an amazing person – but she realizes that at some point she will need more care.

Marilyn: My children are here close. They’re in the prime of their lives – raising children, their own grandchildren.

I don’t want them to have to worry about their mother.

M: Morning, noon and night, Monday through Sunday, they don’t have to worry about me and that is a good thing.

K: My sister and I live five minutes on one side of The Ridge. My brothers live 10 minutes to the other side. So we feel like she’s between both of us. We can share her equally and get to her equally as we need to.

It’s just a great location. It’s such a beautiful place.

K: I’ve been thrilled with all the things that they have going on. There’s so much to do, she’s never bored. And she says, “I can’t do all the things in one day that there are for me to do,” which I think is wonderful.

M: I go to things that I’m interested in and enjoy them very much, and nobody criticizes if you don’t show up somewhere. I love that.

And the food is fabulous.

K: Every time I walk in I’m so impressed by the feeling, the smells, the sights. Everyone’s so friendly. The staff is wonderful, the food is delicious. My siblings and I come at least twice a week to have lunch with my mom.

I’ve tried to get a room myself, my husband goes, “Sign me up.” I would love to be here. I go, “Mom, save room for me.”