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Sheryl Johnston Interview [Video] | The Ridge Foothill

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Sheryl Johnston Video – The Ridge Foothill

What Makes The Ridge Foothill stand out?

Sheryl Johnston shares her views on the things that make a retirement community truly unique – looking past perceived limitations and going above and beyond for the people who live here.

Video Transcription:

Any adult child helping their parents look at a retirement community expects that we all provide exceptional care. I think the difference with The Ridge is it goes beyond that. I really want this community to push the envelope in terms of what retirement means for seniors because a lot of times I think we get a little bit stuck on what people can do physically or emotionally or cognitively.

We don’t box people in.

I’ve observed residents enjoying the fitness classes in the morning, and the painting classes are very popular. And like clockwork in the evenings after dinner, there’s a core group of residents who choose what movies we watch in the theater, and the theater is full every night. Every week we are very fortunate to have a dance instructor in the community, and he has customized a program for residents.

It’s never really been just about the business of operating a senior living community.

It really matters what kind of service you provide. For example, I had a resident in memory care who really wanted to go fishing at Mirror Lake one more time. Our staff came in at five in the morning, had all the rods taken care of at a local shop, and we took him fishing at 6 a.m. at Mirror Lake. That was a good day.