Technology in Assisted Living

Health visitor and a senior man with tablet during home visit.

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What comes to mind when you think of “assisted living technology”? Stairlifts? Mobility scooters? You might be surprised to hear about all the innovative ways senior living communities are incorporating assistive technology for seniors. From mobile communication to resident safety, the advent of new technology in assisted living facilities is leading to better outcomes and happier lives. Read on to learn more about senior living technology trends.

Putting Safety First

A cropped photo of senior woman exercising in a group.

Automatic fall monitoring is one of the most significant assistive technology innovations of the past few decades. Thanks to their increasing affordability, these fall monitors – which usually resemble a necklace or wristband and contain a compact wireless transmitter – are able to provide a broad safety net for scores of seniors across the country.

So how do they work? Using sophisticated-yet-durable gyroscopes and sensors, the monitor can detect whether you’re standing, sitting, walking or lying down. They collect data on how quickly and forcefully you move, so a hard fall will trigger a response, but hopping in bed won’t. Many even include GPS, making it possible for caregivers to locate residents if needed.

Staying Involved

An old woman using her computer at night smiles in delight as she points at the image on her monitor.

It’s Never 2 Late® (iN2L) is dedicated to helping seniors engage with technology in new and exciting ways. With a touch screen user interface designed to be approachable and easily understood, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people without a high degree of computer literacy. Residents at an assisted living community often use this system to read and reply to emails, browse the internet, connect with loved ones via webcam, play games, or express themselves via paint applications, music programs and other creative outlets.

Making Life Simpler

If you’ve lived in an apartment or house that had a landlord, you probably know how tedious it can be to get something fixed. While quality assisted living communities have their own dedicated maintenance staff, others rely on sometimes-spotty contract work to get the job done. To ensure accountability, some communities have adopted an electronic maintenance ticketing system, allowing residents and staff to assign maintenance tasks using an online system.

Tracking Medication

Organizing medication schedules isn’t easy – and it gets a lot harder when you have to take care of multiple people at once. Luckily, tech-assisted medication management can eliminate a lot of the hassle. Residents and caregivers no longer have to worry about missing vital medicine or taking a dose at the wrong time. Best of all, medication management apps can be programmed to track a number of time-sensitive tasks, including meals, health and wellness checks, and social events.

Protecting Your Health

If you or your loved one would benefit from more regular checkups but can’t make regular trips to the doctor’s office, telehealth can be a powerful tool. Just as the name implies, telehealth is any remote connection to your general practitioner or other medical professional. While it can’t replace an in-person checkup, speaking with your doctor via Skype or another video chatting service still provides important face-to-face engagement.

Keeping in Touch

Happy mature couple using mobile phone while relaxing on sofa at home

There are a lot of answers to the question of senior-family-caregiver communication. Smartphone applications like the Sagely Family App offer the simplest, most elegant solution. Community team members can send residents and their families vital news and event information – plus Sagely allows them to share real-time updates and photos, giving far-flung families another great way to communicate.

Innovative Living at The Ridge

Residents playing chess

At The Ridge, we pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the most forward-thinking, modern and innovative senior living providers around. Our programs (including It’s Never 2 Late® and the Sagely Family App at both The Ridge Cottonwood and The Ridge Foothill, and SafelyYou® and the LifeLoop App at The Ridge Pinehurst), along with our core philosophy of personalized care for all, enable us to deliver an elevated assisted living experience to each resident. If you’d like to learn more about how assistive technology could help you or someone you love, don’t hesitate to contact us.