How Will My Home Life Change After Moving to Assisted Living?

seniors talking to a health care worker while sitting on a bench

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When families discuss the possibility of an older loved one moving to an assisted living apartment, 

it’s natural to wonder what changes may be coming. Will everyday life be exactly the same as living at home? Will some things be better? Will anything be worse? If you’re curious about how life might change after choosing assisted living, you’re not alone. 

Acknowledging the need for assisted living.

Perhaps the first point to consider is that some things need to change. If regular daily tasks — cooking, shopping, driving, housework, managing medications — have become a bit too taxing, or even unsafe, it’s time for a slightly different living environment. Assisted living services give residents a little extra help with those types of tasks. It may come in the form of assistance with meals, light housework, bathing, dressing, taking medication, or perhaps navigating the common areas of the larger community. But what doesn’t change? Assisted living residents still have their own private residence. Their time is their own and they can spend their day as they please. They’re free to take advantage of activities, programs, and special activities designed just for them. Seniors can get the help they need to live more independently, and their family members are relieved to know they’re living safely and comfortably.

senior couple laughing together outside

Will you lose independence in assisted living?

On the contrary, assisted living services are designed to provide a safe environment with the right amount of assistance to enable residents to live more fully and independently. It’s very much like living at home just easier and safer. Residents live on their own schedule, in their own way, while receiving the assistance they need. Assisted living is intended to feel as much like home as possible, and residents are encouraged to personalize their space just as they would at home. At any of The Ridge Senior Living communities, for example, residents in assisted living are free to design and furnish their residence in any way they wish. They’re welcome to have pets as well.

In fact, luxury assisted living at The Ridge communities offers the comforts of a custom-built home in each private studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment. The same upscale finishes, exceptional amenities and smart technology that are part of the independent living experience here are available for assisted living residents as well. And the level of assistance given is equally customized to reflect each resident’s unique situation and to help inspire and support their complete independence.

Here’s just a bit of what to expect as a resident in assisted living in any of The Ridge Senior Living communities:

  • Well-designed gathering places to encourage shared experiences
  • Around-the-clock staff monitoring health concerns
  • Full-time, dedicated lifestyle director
  • Flexible dining plan options with fresh, diverse menus
  • Extra help with activities of daily living
  • Medication management
  • Transportation assistance

Can you come and go as you please?

Absolutely. That’s the idea. The goal is to support and assist when appropriate, empowering assisted living residents to remain as active and independent as possible. Retirement shouldn’t mean retiring from doing what we love and what keeps us healthy, and residents of The Ridge communities enjoy a variety of enriching social activities that help make life interesting and meaningful. If you’ve never toured an assisted living neighborhood at one of The Ridge communities, it’s easy to make a wrong assumption about what it may be like to live in assisted living. There’s certainly no shortage of outdated, inaccurate myths. But once you’ve seen the beautiful environments of our communities; observed our attention to detail; and witnessed the active, inspired living our residents enjoy each day, it’s easy to understand these are very special communities.

senior couple sitting on a couch together smiling

How will your life change in assisted living?

There will indeed be many positive changes to life after choosing assisted living. Will your privacy, personal preferences and daily routine change dramatically from what they are now? Not unless you want them to. At any of The Ridge communities, you can expect to have your own beautiful, spacious apartment along with an entire community filled with luxury amenities. You’ll be completely free from chores and home maintenance. Our executive chef will prepare your meals, and you can share them with a new friend every night if you like. You’ll always have interesting company and interesting things to do, if you want them. It all happens at your pace with professionals present to assist only when needed. There’s a high probability you’ll be safer, less stressed and happier than ever before. Assisted living at a Ridge community lets you experience a strong sense of community without sacrificing independence, autonomy or dignity. Hear from some of our residents why senior living at our communities is so special:

Come see assisted living at The Ridge.

We invite you to come visit and get a feel for the assisted living experience yourself.  The Ridge Senior Living is committed to encouraging the good life for you and your family. You can find The Ridge community nearest you here. Arrange your visit by contacting us through our website or calling 801-261-3153.