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Engaged in the art of living well.

Life should be filled with experiences that feed the mind, body and spirit – providing abundant chances to nurture continued growth and genuine contentment. Fortunately for you, The Ridge Pinehurst has laid out an ideal blueprint for this kind of wide-open, wildly fulfilling path to wellness.

It starts with enriching the everyday and bringing neighbors closer together by devoting more space to community features, amenities, and common areas than any other Denver community. The next step is understanding and celebrating the things you most love to do.

That could mean waking up for a morning swim in our resistance pool, meeting friends for a spirited midday game of pickleball, or finding a moment of balance in an afternoon yoga practice. Maybe you’ll use the senior pass to visit a National Park or hit up one of the 10 best hiking trails near Denver for seniors. Perhaps your idea of wellness draws you in the direction of volunteering within the greater Denver community, mentoring a young professional in your field or dedicating time to a long-cherished hobby. Or maybe treating yourself to the gentle relaxation of our Club Ridge spa is the kind of self-care you gravitate toward.

Experience all Club Ridge has to offer

  • Professional Salon & Spa
  • Fitness center with group exercise studio, stretching room & lounge
  • Private locker rooms with steam rooms
  • Indoor pool and hot tub
Contact us to find out more about the ways our community can support your continued pursuit of health and happiness.

Mastering the art of living well is a journey defined by the individual. The Ridge Pinehurst is merely here to set the stage.

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