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Get to know the special people who help make The Ridge Foothill such a special place. Our qualified team members are dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults, committed to providing quality care, and determined to continue setting the standard for elevated senior living in Salt Lake City.

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“The staff is amazing, very friendly and always willing to help. The Ridge makes you feel like you live at a 5-star hotel.”
– Cyndi, Professional

Our Team

Sheryl Johnston

Executive Director

Sheryl grew up in Zillah, Washington, and attained a bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University with an emphasis in business administration. She’s been working in senior living for more than a decade, joining our team at The Ridge Foothill in October 2015. Sheryl is deeply dedicated to improving the lives of all those in our care, and she carries this commitment with her every day when she comes to work. In addition to being a certified assisted living administrator in both Washington and Utah, she understands that it takes compassion, dedication and leadership to give seniors the lifestyle and care they deserve.

Gabby Money

Director of Marketing

 Gabby is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, earning her bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the University of Utah. Since then, she’s spent 12 years in the senior living industry, driven by a passion that originates from her admiration of her own grandparents and other influential seniors in her life. To Gabby, serving our community members isn’t just a job – it’s both an honor and a commitment. She finds great fulfillment in giving back to the people who’ve given their community so much over the years.

Alyssa Brittner

Director of Marketing

Alyssa was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and brings with her a background in business administration and accounting along with extensive experience in all levels of senior living. She fell in love with the senior living industry during her first gig as a part-time server in 2004. Her journey led her to The Ridge Foothill in January 2016, where she now uses her broad skills to build and fortify relationships between fellow staff members, residents and their families.

Karl Ramirez

Resident Services Coordinator

Karl hails from the Philippines, growing up there before attending the University of Utah and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in health promotion and education. During his four years in the senior living industry, he’s channeled his expertise to raise community health standards and improve outcomes for residents. Karl takes a holistic approach to his work, balancing the personalities of individual residents with their needs and the community’s needs. He remains inspired by the work senior living communities do to improve the health of our society on both a personal and policy level.

Thomas Bright

Building Service Director

Thomas comes to us from Chickasha, Oklahoma, and has been working in senior living for eight years. He prides himself on being the person residents can rely on for almost anything, including nourishing their spirit – after all, he is an ordained minister. Since joining our team at The Ridge, he’s been applying his experience, as well as his CPSI and EPA certifications, to help our residents whenever an issue arises. He knows every problem has a solution, and he won’t rest until he finds it.

Misty Nomberto

Lifestyle Director

Misty’s work with The Ridge Foothill is a lot like her life story – wide-ranging, vibrant and fun. After studying photography in college, she ran an award-winning photography firm for 15 years. As if that weren’t enough, she also homeschooled her five children, became a certified nursing assistant, and still finds time to volunteer. That’s without even mentioning the fact that she plays five instruments. She uses her varied experience to provide our residents with exciting opportunities for continued learning and growth. Originating from Walla Walla, Washington, Misty came to Utah as part of the original team that opened our community.

Dara Young

Culinary Services Director

Dara is a dedicated and talented dining expert who honed her craft at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas. She’s a firm believer in the power of good food to spread joy and feels rewarded knowing her work directly feeds into the satisfaction and quality of life for our residents. Using her broad base of experience in preparing cuisine for both the University of Utah Hospital and The Grand America Hotel, Dara knows how to design a diet for nutrition without sacrificing flavor.

Lejla Young

Generations Program Director

Lejla’s work touches a little bit of everything we do here at The Ridge Foothill. Her background in skilled nursing, including extensive knowledge of therapeutic recreation therapy, is instrumental to her role. She’s passionate about nurturing a strong and loving relationship between The Ridge Foothill, our residents and their families. Originally from Bosnia, Lejla loves to spend time with her husband and three children.

Aracely Garay

Business Office Director

Aracely is our numbers ace – while she spent a lot of her career working as a concierge and then in skilled nursing, she’s used her experience and education in mathematics to turn herself into an insurance whiz. She’s originally from Los Angeles, California, and prides herself on her friendly demeanor, flexibility and strong communication skills. She also enjoys spending time with her family, hiking or going on evening walks, and playing the occasional video game.

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