10 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Senior Apartment a Home

Senior Apartment Living

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Making your space a home

When moving into a senior living community, you can take lots of steps to make your new place feel just like home. From small-space decorating to incorporating the design elements you love, these interior design tips will lead you to the perfect balance of functionality and feng shui. Your new space will perfectly complement your lifestyle and accommodate your needs. Above all, it will become a space you’re proud to call home.

1. Think less.
When downsizing into a senior apartment, it’s best not to get bogged down by clutter. Too many items can make a small space appear crowded, so it’s important to pick and choose wisely during the downsizing process.

2. Incorporate sentimental items.
While it’s important to use your best judgment, don’t underestimate the value of sentimentality. When moving into a new space, decorate with things that matter to you. It’s nice to have a few items that bring fond memories – a vase purchased on a trip to Europe, photo albums full of family and friends, or a stack of your favorite novels, complete with annotations in the margins. These items hold great importance and will continue to enrich your life for years to come.

3. Add a mirror to enhance the space.
There are many ways to make a small space appear larger, such as adding a mirror. This interior decorating trick will open up any room and make it feel more spacious, taking small apartment living to the next level. Plus, a mirror will reflect any natural light that floods in, leaving your space feeling open and airy.

A luxurious bedroom reflected in a mirror on the wall.

4. Surround yourself with smiles.
Whether your loved ones live close by or in a different part of the country, you’ll always have them near if you decorate your space with photos. Detailed picture frames nicely feature family and friends. You might also consider using digital photo frames, which save space as they cycle through a montage of your fondest memories.

A mother and daughter having a conversation with a picture frame in view.

5. Design for functionality, security and ease of mobility.
When it comes to decorating a retirement home, it’s important to think about how you or your loved one will interact with the space. Consider investing in compact, rounded furniture. Apartment-sized furniture saves space, and rounded edges add an extra safety advantage.

6. Ensure all essentials are easy to reach.
When organizing, make sure the things you use regularly are within reach and easy to access. You should never feel strained or inconvenienced in your space. In fact, this is one of the major benefits of living in a senior living community rather than staying in your home. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to ease stress and reduce hardship, keeping life comfortable and convenient.

7. Take advantage of customization options.
Many senior living communities offer opportunities to customize your space. For example, The Ridge Pinehurst, coming soon to Denver, Colorado, offers members-only benefits to those who join the   community’s priority program. These exclusive benefits include the ability to select finishes, countertops, paint colors, appliances and other customizations within your residence.

8. Choose engaging colors.
When selecting your color palette, use rich, saturated colors whenever possible. It’s proven that bright colors can improve mood and positively affect the aging process, specifically for those needing memory care or experiencing memory-related issues.

9. Bring your best friend.
Your space might not be considered home until your furry friend is by your side. That’s why it’s important to check if your pet can come before you choose a senior living or retirement community. At The Ridge Senior Living, all our communities are pet-friendly. We happily welcome, and frankly encourage, four-legged friends.

An assisted living resident holding her small dog in her lap.

10. Fill your space with people you love.
At The Ridge Senior Living, we understand the people make the place. We believe the best way to make your new apartment feel like home is to fill it with family members and friends, new and old. Get to know your neighbors by inviting them over for board games or a glass of wine. Entertain adult children and grandchildren on holidays and special occasions. A space becomes much more lively when it’s filled with people you care about.

Embracing home, and beyond.

With these tips and tricks, your senior living residence can become not only a home, but a haven. Once you’ve decorated your new space to your liking, it’s time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy. And at a senior living community like The Ridge, you’re sure to find that home extends far beyond your personal residence. An entire campus full of opportunity waits just outside your door, ready to be embraced and explored.