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Colorado: One of the Best Places to Retire

In the golden years of your life, where you live is almost as important as how you live — and for seniors seeking a state that has everything, your search stops here.

Between the gorgeous scenery, an active and inspiring lifestyle, and the sheer variety of things to do, retiring in Colorado simply can’t be beat. Whether you aspire to take up new hobbies or simply enjoy nature’s quiet serenity, the majesty of Colorado has everything you could ask for — and more! Read on to learn more about this incredible state, along with our recommendation on where to retire in Colorado.

Colorado Helps You Stay Fit

If you’re the get-up-and-go type, there are few better places to enhance your already active lifestyle than retiring in Colorado. The state ranks No. 8 in the nation for overall health, which is no surprise when you consider the residents’ outdoorsy lifestyle. With four sprawling national parks, numerous state parks and vast amounts of scenic public land, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Hiking is one of Colorado residents’ favorite pastimes. Exploring the countless hiking trails is a perfect way to get exercise and expose yourself to some beautiful scenery. Fishing, bird-watching, sightseeing or taking up photography are a few activities anyone can jump into, thanks to Colorado’s efforts to make trails and scenic areas accessible to people of all ability levels. Plus, Colorado’s National Parks Senior Pass further encourages older adults to get outdoors and live life to the fullest.

A senior woman and a senior man walking on a carved tree

It’s Good for Your Mind

Mental health is just as critical to staying healthy later in life as physical activity, and the scenery that surrounds you plays a huge role. A huge benefit of retiring in Colorado is how the environment and lifestyle support successful aging.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), exposure to the outdoors (especially physical activity outdoors) is proven to greatly benefit mental clarity, happiness and general quality of life for older adults. And, to put it simply, there’s no better place to surround yourself with nature’s beauty than Colorado. The peaks and valleys of the Rocky Mountains ensure an endless supply of new sites to behold and new experiences to take in.

A man fishing in a river

The Climate Couldn’t Be Better

Coloradans are fortunate to experience four well-defined seasons that each hold unique opportunities for fun, exploration and enrichment for the people who live here.

Spring snow melts are famous for the wildflower blooms they produce, and summer temperatures rarely exceed a high of 80 degrees F. This makes Colorado ideal for outdoor activities throughout many months of the year, especially for having fun on the water.

Early autumn is temperate — perfect for cozying up with a good book — and it’s quite special in Colorado thanks to the changing colors of nature and wildlife migration throughout much of the state. And while Colorado winters are typically full of frequent snowstorms and can stay well below freezing, there are ample beauty and winter festivities to enjoy.

Regardless of the season or temperature, the state’s mild mountain, plain and valley climate makes it one of the most beautiful states to live in year-round. And thanks to Colorado’s status as one of America’s sunniest states, you’ll be able to find a clear day to enjoy the great outdoors.

A senior man and a senior woman hiking through fog

Where to Retire in Colorado

Colorado is a big state — the eighth largest in the U.S., in fact. There are dozens of quaint little towns and a handful of larger cities to consider retiring in. So what are the best places to retire in Colorado?

Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Fort Collins are strong, no-doubt contenders — but Denver encompasses all the best facets of what the state has to offer. No other Colorado city has the same level of culture and cuisine, and you won’t find the sheer number of opportunities for fun anywhere else.

Find Your Home at The Ridge

As you may know, the great city of Denver is also home to The Ridge Pinehurst. At this modern, forward-thinking community, we’re changing the way Coloradans think about senior living. It’s our goal to be the ideal home base for seniors who want to enjoy everything this great state has to offer — all with the assurance of on-campus long-term care, should the need ever arise.