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Innovation in Senior Living

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Innovation in Senior Living

In a time where technology is more prominent than ever before, it’s crucial to use innovation to our advantage and accommodate the rapidly growing technological needs of older adults. From independent living to assisted living and daily tasks to major milestones, integrating the latest in technology allows for customization, ease and efficiency, making life better and brighter for seniors.

Senior living communities across the nation are implementing new technologies such as high-tech emergency call systems, complimentary Wi-Fi, and the use of tablets for enrichment and medication management, but there are a handful of upcoming senior living technology trends that stand out among the rest and give way to a whole new wave of innovative opportunities.

Easy access to the place you call home

Keyless entry affords residents ease and efficiency. Fobs grant access to personal senior apartments, common spaces and other amenities, keeping campus access-only.

Displaying the best you

At many senior living communities, the halls are adorned with digital display screens that play a reel of residents’ favorite photos, often featuring loved ones, pets, memorable trips or major life events. These digital displays have been known to aid memory recall, lighten moods and bring smiles to the faces of many.

Engaging your family, even from afar

You simply can’t be with the ones you love every minute of every day. The Sagely Family App remedies that. It’s a beautifully simple way for families to stay connected through real-time updates and photos. The app informs and updates loved ones while combating loneliness and isolation for seniors and making connectedness a priority. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and provides unparalleled peace of mind to those who matter most.

The significance of a song

For many, a treasured melody gives sound to a memory. Through MUSIC & MEMORY®, a national memory care initiative, residents enjoy personalized music playlists on iPods or other digital devices, created with their own input along with that of family and friends. These musical favorites draw upon deep memories and bring smiles to faces, allowing people to feel like themselves again, socialize and stay present.

The Ridge Senior Living is proud to provide all these technological resources and more, continuing to place a high value on innovation and ensuring older adults are receiving the best in care, comfort and social technology.

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