Stylish Apartment Ideas for You and Your Pet

A senior woman sits on a couch reading a red book and holding her white fluffy cat on her lap

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For many pet lovers, feeling truly at home means having your four-legged friend by your side. However, by the time you fill your home with pet food canisters, dog furniture, a litter box, and other supplies, it can feel like you’re up to your ears in pet gear! Fortunately, it’s possible to design pet-friendly spaces without sacrificing style. With a blend of elegant and practical pet essentials, you can create a space that both you and your pet will love.

A cat sits on a large dog bed in a mid century modern furnished apartment

Home Décor for Pet Parents

The right home furnishings can make it easier to care for a pet and help optimize your space with stylish and functional pet décor. Below are some ways to organize your pet gear and create a peaceful, playful and pet-friendly senior apartment. The results can be a treat for both you and your pet!

Simple storage solutions

Dog and cat toys, food bowls, and leashes add clutter to any living space, and some of these items may pose a safety risk as tripping hazards in your home. Smart storage solutions are designed to neatly tuck away pet gear where it’s easy to reach without being an eyesore. Well-placed hooks and shelving can keep collars and leashes out of sight while a storage ottoman provides the perfect hideaway for pet toys.

Pet-friendly fabrics

As a seasoned pet parent, you look for durability when you’re shopping for furniture. But you may be surprised by the growing selection of pet-friendly furniture pieces that are durable, stylish and modern. You can find furniture built with pets in mind and upholstered with easy-to-clean fabrics like stain-resistant and scratch-resistant leathers, microfiber, and microsuede. These resilient materials look elegant and stand up to scratches, drool, furballs and the occasional accident. 

Camouflaged pet products

Certain pet essentials, like a dog crate or litter box, can stick out like a sore thumb — especially when they’re right in the middle of your living space. Look for pet furniture that blends with your décor, like a dog crate that’s built into an end table or cabinet. Enclosed litter boxes are designed to provide your pet privacy and go unnoticed by your guests. Some litter boxes are cleverly constructed to be tucked inside a planter or cabinet.

Stylish cat furniture

Cats tend to seek out high spaces (like your kitchen counters) to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings. Cat towers satisfy the need for climbing, but sometimes these items are too large or unsightly for smaller living spaces. Fortunately, you can satisfy the need for scratching and climbing with a minimal approach that saves space and maintains your style. Consider installing cat shelves on the wall for an intriguing place to climb. A cat hammock or hanging window perch also provides the perfect lookout spot without taking up any floor space. If your cat loves to scratch, install a wall-mounted cat scratching post or choose uniquely designed end tables that double as a scratching post.

High-end pet dining

A stylish feeding station with elevated food bowls can make an inviting space for your pet to eat in the kitchen. Add a personalized placement to keep everything neat and tidy, and your pet will feel like they’re dining at a five-paw establishment! 

A cozy nook for napping

One of the most important features in a pet-friendly home is a pet nook where your furry friend feels comfy and safe — purr-fect for a cat nap or puppy snuggles.

Pet-Friendly Senior Living

More than half of older adults ages 50 to 80 have a pet, according to University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging. It’s important to choose a community that’s pet-friendly at all levels of living, so you can stay close to your animal companion even if your situation changes. At The Ridge Pinehurst, we welcome pets at all levels of living, and we understand that pets are like family. We invite you to come live in a spacious senior apartment surrounded by neighbors and community members who love pets just as much as you do.

Our campus boasts a large dog park with a variety of equipment for dogs. It’s a fun place for your dog to play and for both of you to meet new friends. (Check out our post on the best dog breeds for apartment living.) As part of our commitment to sustainability, the kitchen staff at The Ridge reduces food waste by making dog biscuits from food scraps. The biscuits are shared with residents’ dogs and donated to local animal shelters.

Learn more about our pet-friendly policy and a host of amenities and adventures waiting for you and your pet at The Ridge.