Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

The Differences: Assisted Living vs. Memory Care | The Ridge

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Assisted Living vs. Memory Care Key Differences

Navigating the senior living landscape can be difficult and overwhelming at times. And with studies reflecting that over 70% of older adults will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime, odds are you may have to make some decisions for yourself or someone you care about.

It’s important to consider where you or your loved one will feel most at home, supported by the care you need and the comfort you deserve. Which level of living suits your situation? What accommodations and amenities are you looking for? What should you keep top of mind while evaluating your options?

Once you understand how levels of living differ based on the needs of those they serve, you’ll be free to consider your situation and find the option that aligns. When differentiating between assisted living and memory care, there are a few things you should know.

What is assisted living?  

Assisted living is an excellent option for those who exude independence yet require a bit of assistance with activities of daily living. Assisted living residents live an active, thriving lifestyle, supported by compassionate team members who gladly offer a helping hand when needed. In addition to housekeeping services, personal assistance and medication management, residents have access to opportunities for genuine socialization and intellectual growth. Health concerns are monitored by licensed professionals, and care is always on hand.

At The Ridge Senior Living, we believe assisted living can be exceptional living. Our assisted living accommodations promise privacy with unparalleled peace of mind and exceptional amenities. Each private residence, from quaint studios to accommodating one- and two-bedroom apartments, is crafted with you in mind. Your space is custom-built to meet and exceed your individual needs, and you’re supported daily by team members trained in enriching the lives of older adults. This invigorating lifestyle is only enhanced by upscale features and the latest in programming and intuitive technology.

Your assisted living checklist:  

  • Private living accommodations
  • Well-designed gathering places to encourage shared experiences
  • Around-the-clock staff monitoring health concerns
  • Full-time, dedicated lifestyle directors
  • Flexible dining plan options with fresh, diverse menus

What is memory care?

If you or someone you love is experiencing memory-related issues, it might be time to look into memory care options. Forgetfulness, misplacing items, difficulty holding a schedule, forgetting to take medications – these are all signs that a watchful eye would be beneficial. Memory care options are available for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Thoughtfully designed for security, comfort and cognitive stimulation, these environments ensure residents are considered and cared for every moment of the day.

Much like assisted living, kindhearted team members are available around-the-clock. However, these skilled professionals are trained to cater to the specific needs of those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

At The Ridge, we honor each memory care resident with the opportunity to find fulfillment in each new day. We celebrate each person for their distinct spirit, drawing on life experiences to build relationships and support each resident individually. Our memory care accommodations are easy-to-navigate, secure spaces that channel the kind of comfort and serenity that says you’re home. Monitoring technologies help residents find their calm, while comforting family members and loved ones along the way.

Innovative memory support programs instill belonging and purpose in those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The Ridge is proud to offer MUSIC & MEMORY® and Grey Matters. These programs use emotions generated by music and motion to tap into deep memories. The Ridge communities have also adopted the Teepa Snow approach, emphasizing individuality and positivity when it comes to brain changes in older adults. These influential programs greatly impact the minds and hearts of those living with memory-related issues.

Music and Memory instructor leading a class of residents

Your memory care checklist:

  • Private suites and studios
  • Welcoming common spaces to promote social engagement
  • Specialized programming such as MUSIC & MEMORY®
  • Restaurant-style dining venues
  • 24/7 care from licensed professionals
  • Integrated emergency response system
  • Local transportation

Finding the right fit for you or someone you love

If Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia isn’t an immediate concern, assisted living may be the perfect solution for you or someone you care about. Many senior living communities are flexible, allowing residents to move from level to level as needs change. These communities incorporate personalization at every turn, focusing on the individual and how best to satisfy their specific needs for today and tomorrow.

At The Ridge, taking care of each other is in our nature. It’s why our approach to independent-minded living for seniors who need assistance is so far ahead of the curve. The Ridge Senior Living has assisted living and memory care communities in Denver, Colorado, Holladay, Utah, and the Foothill neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Each community is designed to enable your best life at every level of living.