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Salt Lake City: A Great Place to Retire | The Ridge

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10 Reasons Why Salt Lake City Is a Great Place to Retire

If you or someone you care about is looking for the ideal retirement location, you’re bound to come across this emerging hot spot for seniors. Salt Lake City has repeatedly been listed as one of the best places to retire by multiple reputable sources, ranking 6th best in the country, according to WalletHub. In fact, it was the only city to make it on three ranking lists — The Milken Institute, and Wallethub.

Economic factors such as affordable cost of living compared to other metropolitan areas, declining crime rates and moderate tax friendliness make Salt Lake City a desirable place for people of all ages to live. But data shows it’s an especially ideal location for older adults.

What makes this area so senior-friendly? We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why Salt Lake City, Utah, is the ultimate retirement destination.

  1. The natural beauty of Utah provides a breathtaking backdrop and a peaceful calm.
  2. Beyond the scenery, Salt Lake City offers an abundance of outdoor activities to accommodate a dynamic lifestyle. Whether you prefer hiking, biking or skiing, there are plenty of runs and trails to explore.
  3. Salt Lake City was recently dubbed the healthiest city in America by Trulia. The study analyzed 100 metro areas in the U.S. and was based on a number of criteria, including the percentage of adults who walk or bike, and amount of park space.
  4. The city has an impressively effective transit system, making it simple for seniors to take a trip downtown or travel to see nearby family and friends.
  5. The state of Utah reports a high life expectancy.
  6. Salt Lake City exudes a strong sense of community, offering many opportunities to get involved and active in the surrounding area.
  7. Despite the city’s large size, housing is surprisingly affordable in Salt Lake City. This means the cost of living in a retirement community is quite manageable.
  8. With three highly rated hospitals in the area, older adults enjoy easy appointments, top-of-the-line professionals and an unrivaled peace of mind.
  9. Salt Lake City is home to many cultural events and attractions, including art festivals, the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square, museums and historic sites.
  10. The area offers multiple upscale senior living options for those looking to continue a luxury lifestyle into their retirement years.

There are so many reasons to celebrate Salt Lake City — one of the greatest being its engaging, active and senior-friendly nature. And with senior living options such as The Ridge Senior Living, older adults can rest easy knowing a high-ranking lifestyle is waiting for them in a desirable retirement location.