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Expanding Programming Following Vaccinations | March 2021 %%sep%% The Ridge

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The Ridge Foothill Begins Expanding Programming Following Vaccinations | March 2021


With the second COVID-19 vaccine clinic now complete, and nearly all of The Ridge Foothill’s residents vaccinated, the community has begun loosening restrictions. For the first time in months, families are invited to visit residents apartments and give their loved ones hugs.

“We got an email from The Ridge that we can now hug our loved ones,” David Baird told KUTV. “When my wife saw that, we started to cry. It is a great, great positive step forward.”

Along with visits, residents are encouraged to participate in activities and dining opportunities.

“It’s so wonderful to be able to just sit near each other. We’ve all had the vaccines, it’s just a whole new world for us,” Activities Coordinator Mary Heideman told KSL-TV.

These visits are something residents and families have looked forward to for nearly a year. KUTV and KSL-TV were there to capture some of the first visits and activities. You can watch the stories below.