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Seniors exercising together and celebrating

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Ways to Get Active When You Have Limited Mobility

For many older adults, physical limitations can change the way they do things, but it shouldn’t stand in the way of an active lifestyle. With the right modifications and an open mindset, you can stay active and continue enjoying your favorite activities. We’ve put together a list of exercises and activities for seniors with limited mobility.

Aqua Aerobics

Working out in water is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles, especially for seniors with arthritis, chronic pain or limited mobility. Water-based exercise allows you to reap the benefits of physical activity in a low-impact environment without the strain on your body that traditional forms of exercise may cause. While you don’t need an instructor to benefit from simple pool walking, you may enjoy the structure of an aqua aerobics class for older adults. 


Fishing is a lifelong hobby that can be adapted as your needs and physical abilities change. You’ll benefit from the upper body movement involved in casting and reeling in a catch, and there’s even more to gain when you’re in the company of good friends. Finding a spot where you can fish safely from a wheelchair or seated in a boat may take some planning, but it’s worth the effort to get out there!

Fitness Classes

Finding the motivation to exercise on your own can be a challenge. That’s why so many seniors enjoy the camaraderie that comes with participating in group fitness classes. The right class can provide the spark you need to keep moving and stay active, even if you have limited mobility. The Ridge offers a full calendar of fitness classes, with numerous opportunities for modified exercise routines such as balance class, chair cardio and chair strength training.

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a rewarding activity that lets you express your creative side. Arranging flowers in a vase or planter requires dexterity and active movements with your arms and hands, and it can be done while standing up or comfortably seated. Join our flower arranging classes at The Ridge, where you’ll work with an array of fresh flowers and share the company of friends. 


Senior woman gardening

Gardening is an active hobby that gets you moving by digging, planting, watering and weeding. Plus, tending a garden gives people of all ages an excuse to play in the dirt! You can choose how involved you want to be and what you want to grow in a community garden at The Ridge.

Making Music

Listening to music is good for the mind, body and spirit, and making music can help you stay physically active, mentally sharp and socially engaged. You’re never too old to sing along with your favorite music or learn a new instrument. The Ridge encourages residents to tap into their musical interests, with opportunities to perform in piano recitals and sing with a community choir.

Outdoor Adventure and Scenic Drives

Whether you go hiking in the mountains with beautiful views or venture to a scenic overlook using a walker or wheelchair, you’ll benefit from the physical activity and mountain air when you get outdoors. At The Ridge, assisted living residents have opportunities to go for daytrips, scenic drives, picnic outings and more. Learn more about outdoor activities and the health benefits of living in the mountains.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a low-impact activity that’s easy on the joints and a great way to combat stress and calm your mind. The slow movements of this mind-body exercise can help improve your balance and flexibility. Our Tai chi class at The Ridge is perfect for beginners who are open to trying something new.

Video Games

Video games can help people with limited mobility stay active. The Wii™Fit system offers an array of competitive games, including bowling, tennis, golf and baseball. Players use a hand-held controller that mimics a bowling ball, tennis racket, golf club, etc. The Ridge Pinehurst offers a Wii Sports class geared for assisted living residents, so get ready to take your gaming skills to the next level (and impress the grandkids)! 


Group of seniors going for a walk outdoors

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise because it’s low-impact and an activity where you set the pace. Bring a walker or cane for support if you need it, so you can put your best foot forward without putting your safety at risk. The Ridge Cottonwood offers a daily walking club for assisted living residents to help you stay motivated.

Yard Games

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous. Yard games like cornhole and bocce ball help you stay active while enjoying some friendly competition. Join the fun and meet new friends when you play yard games in the courtyard at The Ridge.

Expand Your Possibilities at The Ridge

The Ridge senior living communities in Salt Lake City and Denver help make it possible to stay healthy and active, even for seniors with limited mobility. Discover the expansive lineup of services and amenities at The Ridge Foothill, The Ridge Cottonwood, and The Ridge Pinehurst.