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A son looks at a photo album with his elderly father

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What Is It Like Living in Memory Care?

As a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you may ask, “What does a memory care facility do?” Unlike institutional health care settings, the memory care environment at The Ridge is designed to mirror the comforts of home while embracing a life of boundless opportunity.

We celebrate each personal and distinct life experience while building strong relationships and encouraging bright moments within each new day. Our highly skilled team members find the most compassionate means of reacting and redirecting — all based on the needs and desires of the resident.

The Ridge memory care residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia enjoy positive days and peaceful nights. How? Through dementia care plans centered on warmhearted techniques, innovative wellness programs, and premium services, amenities and accommodations.

A son looks at a photo album with his elderly father

What is memory care?

Memory care is a type of long-term care designed to meet the specific needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia or memory impairments. Team members are specially trained to assist people with dementia or impaired cognition. Memory care facilities provide 24-hour supervised care, assistance with daily living tasks and medical monitoring. 

What is memory care like at The Ridge?

Memory care residents at The Ridge have all the comforts of home in a soothing setting that’s easy to navigate. The Ridge Pinehurst studios, private suites or shared suites are fitted with assistive monitoring technology. A fully automated, opt-in video service powered by artificial intelligence can detect if a memory care resident has fallen and instantly alert a care team member.

Memory care apartments have digital signs outside each room

At The Ridge Pinehurst and The Ridge Foothill, digital memory boxes hang outside residents’ rooms to help them feel close and connected to what they hold dear. The boxes display sentimental snapshots of family and friends, special trips, pets and other memorable moments. Like music, the memory boxes can provide an anchor that links dementia care residents to lost memories.

Caring for dementia residents at The Ridge communities also means providing amenities that are built to delight, such as multiple dining venues, including a bistro, dining room and outdoor fireside dining; on-site health and wellness centers; professionally designed cinemas with premium seating; art studios, classrooms and exercise rooms; keyless entry to all apartments at The Ridge Foothill and The Ridge Pinehurst; heated underground parking garage; and walking paths, outdoor kitchen and gardening beds.

Other support services include flexible dining with fresh, diverse menus; scheduled and personal transportation; weekly housekeeping and laundry service; and 24-hour staffing and emergency response.

Support groups for residents, family members and friends also are offered. In this space, they gather together in support of one another and learn the best ways to cope with and care for memory-related changes.

Dementia care plans, programs and techniques  

As an integral part of The Ridge’s commitment to state-of-the-art care, we intuitively integrate today’s most progressive programs and technologies into every level of living in each of our communities. Team members are trained to greet each resident with individualized strategies that redirect behavior and foster positive outcomes.

An elderly man uses a pencil to work on a maze puzzle


This lifestyle and wellness enrichment program encourages older adults to connect with their passions, drives, talents and hobbies to foster continued personal growth. It’s centered on four cornerstones of healthy aging: 

  1.     Social – Classic singalongs, Friday Family Pizza Night with loved ones, or playing a game of Would You Rather? or Family Feud
  2.     Intellectual – Playing picture Bingo, Name That Tune, history trivia or brain aerobics
  3.     Inspirational – Taking a scenic drive, coloring and artistic crafts, practicing mindful meditation or flower arranging
  4.     Physical – Going for an indoor walk around the block, playing balloon volleyball or Wii™sports, practicing eye-hand coordination or getting a soothing hand massage or mini manicure

A senior woman listens to music with over the ear headphones

Music & Memory®

At The Ridge, we understand the benefits of music therapy for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. MUSIC & MEMORY® is a national advocate for music therapy in dementia care. Through this systemwide initiative, residents receive iPods or other digital music playback devices loaded with personalized playlists created with input from close family and friends. Musical favorites often unearth deep memories and bring smiles to faces, encouraging residents to feel like themselves again, socialize and stay present.

Teepa Snow Positive Approach® to Care

This memory care philosophy encourages smart, compassionate responses to the challenging realities of brain change by helping care providers and families better understand how it feels to be living with dementia and its related challenges. The Ridge community team members are trained in memory support techniques and personalized strategies designed to form trusting relationships and elicit positive outcomes. While many memory care models focus on facts and information, this approach teaches hands-on skill techniques to improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

A fitness instructor leads a class of seniors in exercise movements

Minding Motion for Graceful Aging

This artistically driven, individualized program encourages regular exercise through the power of creative dance. It uses movement to stimulate the mind and body of older adults experiencing changes in memory. Each class harnesses untapped human potential, offers an opportunity for creative expression, and encourages older adults to be present in the moment physically, mentally and emotionally.

A senior couple sit on a couch and look at a iPhone

Sagely Family App

With this application, families can seamlessly engage from afar and stay connected through real-time text updates and photos. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and informs and updates loved ones while combating loneliness and isolation for seniors.

What does a memory care facility do?

When choosing a community for a loved one who needs dementia care, there are several factors to consider: levels of care and personal assistance provided; staff training; room options and accommodations; community safety and security; housekeeping and laundry services; dining options or special dietary requests; special care needs, such as diabetic care, mobility issues or wandering; communication with families; and opportunities for residents to engage with their families.

The forward-thinking care offered at The Ridge provides better outcomes for memory care residents while addressing all the factors. Learn more about memory care offered in Salt Lake City, Holladay and Denver.