How We Build Relationships With Our Residents in Memory Care

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How We Build Relationships with Our Residents in Memory Care

Memory care at The Ridge offers a lifestyle that’s unlike any other part of the community. Raven Storm, senior sales and marketing director at The Ridge Cottonwood, is an expert in dementia care and has presented at statewide conferences and trained individuals on dementia care.

When asked about the impact he sees when new memory care residents move to The Ridge, Raven described it this way: “They begin to perk up, become more social, more engaged and involved. Some families will make comments such as, ‘You won’t get Mom to go to any of the activities; she’s not very social.’ And suddenly Mom is going to a lot of activities and getting involved. I see residents looking forward to the day and the activities they can be involved in. I see residents’ sense of purpose returning.”

“I also see changes in a new resident’s sleep patterns. Sometimes people with dementia will have their days and nights mixed up, so they’ll sleep during the day and be up all night. We have a lot of success getting residents back into a more normal sleep pattern.”

What Makes Memory Care at The Ridge Different?

Raven believes the key to a more fulfilling life is building a strong, caring relationship between the memory care staff and the residents. He says one of the ways they do that at The Ridge is a process called the Montessori Approach.

“The Montessori Approach puts a great deal of emphasis on getting to know each resident’s preferences, their stories and their past. We learn about their aa process called the Montessori Methodbilities and how we can best emphasize their strengths. We learn what helps to calm a person, who may be anxious and then we use those methods when needed.”

According to Raven, to ensure The Ridge provides the best memory care possible, all staff participate in monthly online training courses. Plus, there are monthly staff meetings where they receive even more training. Besides those two training methods, The Ridge also has ongoing dementia training for staff  — like The Dementia Dialogues — led by Misty Nomberto, their memory care director.

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Memory Care Programs at The Ridge

According to Raven, “The Ridge uses a variety of memory care methods, including offering engaging daily activities from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Some of these groups are creative in nature, such as crafts and flower arranging, while some are physical, such as exercise classes, bowling and dance movement.”

The Ridge is also a certified MUSIC & MEMORY® community that uses music to preserve cognition and help alleviate anxiety and negative emotions in those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Raven also described an amazing tool they used called the IN2L (which stands for “It’s Never Too Late). “We use a large touch screen monitor that’s hooked to a computer, with a lot of different programs for people with dementia. Residents can draw on it, paint on it, put puzzles together on it. It has options that stimulate the long-term memory of residents and keep their brains active. We can use it to go on outings like scenic drives, the Tulip Festival, the Van Gogh exhibit, and much more.”

Raven notes that The Ridge uses mobile apps — like Sagely and Lifeloop — that allow family members to receive alerts whenever their loved ones attend an activity throughout the day. Plus, each app improves communication and engagement between staff, residents and their family.

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Discover the Difference Memory Care at  The Ridge Can Make

To learn more about the positive effects our memory care in Utah and Colorado can make in the life of your loved one, use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.