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A granddaughter and grandmother look at a photo album together

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Infographic: What It’s Like Living in Memory Care

The Ridge Senior Living communities are national leaders in the provision of advanced memory care. One example of this is our use of the Sagely App for families. This application lets families remotely engage with care team members and receive real-time alerts and photos for a realistic picture of how their loved one’s day is going. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and a very effective communication tool. The Ridge Senior Living communities also lead in educational outreach for dementia care and memory care. Our Utah communities provide training to local police and fire department personnel to help them better communicate with people living with dementia. We also host a dementia caregiver support group that’s free to everyone, even for those who don’t live at our communities.

Discover all the ways The Ridge Senior Living is taking memory care to the next level and read our blog post to learn in-depth what a day in the life is like for a senior living in memory care.


infographic about what it's like living in memory care