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Small Space, Big Living at The Ridge Foothill | The Ridge

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Small Space, Big Living at The Ridge Foothill

Why Studio Living Is Ideal for Seniors

Small space living for seniors

At The Ridge Foothill, small space living doesn’t mean small living. In fact, many residents at The Ridge say living in a senior apartment has opened up a world of opportunities, one they might not have experienced had they decided to stay in their home. Apartment living provides a kind of freedom that staying in your home doesn’t – you no longer have to worry about the bothers of home upkeep, repairs or miscellaneous costs.

Resident Sandford “Sandy” Pepper said it best, “As soon as I moved out of my home and into an apartment at The Ridge, I knew I had made the right decision for me.” From studios to one-bedrooms, our floor plans offer just the right amount of space – not too much and not too little.

Apartment living just made sense for me in a way that my two-story home longer did.

Our senior apartments are nothing short of comfortable. But our residents will admit they spend as much time outside their apartment as they do inside. Whether you’d like to paint in the arts studio, watch a movie in the theater, or enjoy interesting conversation over dinner with new friends, there’s an entire community right outside your door and ready to be embraced. Residents like Sandy enjoy the option to entertain, whether that means having family over for a meal in the dining room or inviting friends over for a game night in your private apartment.

The upside to downsizing

Downsizing can often feel like a large burden; however, paring down your life to what’s necessary and important can feel quite freeing. Moving into a senior apartment provides you with a blank canvas – an opportunity to start anew. There are many ways to decorate a small space to make it functional for your lifestyle. Plus, less clutter means less stress and more freedom to live life the way you choose.

Cutting down on possessions and unnecessary items leaves more room for activities, events, adventures and friendships. When you have an entire community just outside your door, you’ll find that your apartment is simply a home base for infinite opportunity.

For me, living at The Ridge was cheaper than staying in my home.

As for affordability, living at The Ridge can be surprisingly cost effective. For some residents like Sandy, it’s actually cheaper than living in their house. If you’re a single individual, the benefits that come with this lifestyle are terrific. It’s all right here – the right amount of space, more things to do and people to be with than you might have living on your own. And the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll always be taken care of, no matter your situation.

The wide-open opportunity of Salt Lake City

In addition to your cozy apartment space and expansive campus at The Ridge Foothill, there are many opportunities to get out and about in Salt Lake City. You can enjoy group trips and scenic drives around the area, or even catch a ride in the community Tesla. For example, Sandy enjoys going for jaunts in the wide-open outdoors, and has been known to catch a basketball game or two at the University of Utah.

Everything you need, in one location

If you’re looking for assisted living in Salt Lake City, a studio apartment provides all the room and resources you may need. You have your own space that allows for maximum independence, but you also have caring team members nearby should you need assistance. If you or someone you care about is considering a move to a senior living community, look no further than apartment living at the Ridge Foothill. Because at The Ridge, small space living is bigger than you could have ever imagined.